Chocolate Windowed Standard Cupcake Boxes

Every Thursday night when I enter home after the office, I have a wide grin all over my face. My mother prepares one of her best dishes. It is chocolate cupcake. Chocolate cupcakes are great additions to your sweet collection. It is not just the taste, but the packaging also adds to the flavor of these. Of all the boxes my mother has used, I have found one specific box as the best. It is the chocolate windowed standard cupcake boxes made by Bags & Bows.

Chocolate Windowed Standard Cupcake Boxes

The chocolate windowed standard cupcake boxes are a fantastic addition for your sweet collection. These boxes are listed as item number 10104W – 513 on the product list of Bags & Bows.

The chocolate windowed standard cupcake boxes are decent in shape. The product is 10 in x 10 in x 4 inches in size. Compared to regular cupcake boxes, these are larger in size. The bigger size of the box allows it more space to contain cupcakes. Typically, this box can hold up to six cupcakes at a time. So, if you have a good collection of sweets, this is just the thing that you need to add that extra touch of sensuality.

The packaging is fairly solid. The box is made of cardboard. The cardboard is naturally recyclable. So, the product has an eco friendly approach.

The box comes in a carton of 100s. So, it is mostly made for bulk order. There is a clear acetate window on the body of the box. It allows you to display your deliciously baked cupcakes.

The most prominent features of the product are:

  • Can provide direct food contact because of FDA approval
  • Manufactured in USA
  • Larger in size
  • Can hold up to 6 cupcakes at a time
  • Made of recyclable cardboard.

There is one particular problem that this box contains though. The box does not have an insert. Therefore, if you have the box only, there is a chance of the cakes getting scrambled. However, there is another product of the company that helps you out from your misery. It is the insert that is used for the box. The insert is labeled as product number 1010CI – 261 in the company’s product list. The insert generally has a platform that allows you to hold 6 cupcakes at a time. However, the company offers you a free sample to try it out.

Other than having to buy insert separately, this box is really a magnificent product. The best thing about it is that the box comes within an affordable price range. For a carton of 100units, you will only need to pay $54.95. You can place your order online. All you have to do is visit the official website of Bags & Bows, provide your address and mention the number of cartons that you require. The shipment is fairly fast and does not contain any hidden charges. So, go ahead and place your order today.

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